Idaho Woodcarvers Guild
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          Gene Fuller teaching a bottle stopper class.                Don Brigham learning from Don Mertz, a CCA member.


          Dale Parsons and Steve Moreno.      Norm Sullivan           John and Carolyn Greener in Chris Hammack's class.


  Don Brigham receives a Lifetime Membership     Jane Eubanks                                        Amy Linkert              
                  in the Idaho Woodcarvers Guild.

     Eric Owens carving at Dry Creek.                     Gene Fuller painting his bottle stopper.


Dale Parsons and Kay Viste at the Meridian library.         Native American halibut bowl that Carolyn Greener taught
                                                                                                                        us how to carve.

The Native American seal bowl Carolyn carved.                    Carolyn enjoys telling stories; this one is about
                                                                                                    her Native American mask.

This trio looks like they are having fun. From L-R:                   Doug Rose sure enjoys carving.
(Jane Eubanks, Kay Viste and Norm Sullivan)  


Norm is working on his Civil War carving in Dave Stetson's class. amy is working on her project in the Stetson class.


Rick Jensen instructing in the bark carving class.        John Greener is interested in Chris Hammack's instruction.


Steve Moreno is carving low relief in Rick Harney's class.    This trio of characters (R-L, Carolyn Greener, Bob Rudkin 
                                                                                            and Jane Eubanks) enjoy camaraderie in Harney's class.


Cleve Taylor carving relief in Rick Harney's class.        Carolyn Greener and Kay Viste demonstrating name tags at


Eric and Jane at Dry Creek Farm Days.                             John and Carolyn Greener and Norm Sullivan at the Museum
                                                                                         Comes to Life event at the Idaho State Historical Museum.

Dour Rose carving at the Museum Comes to Life event.

Doug telling us about his cutting board carving.                              Doug Rose


Doug's cutting board carving. See the slice of the apple?        Dale Parsons is proud of his dog carving. Nice job!


Amy Linkert's White Buffalo carving                                     Amy explains how she rendered her white buffalo carving.


Carolyn Greener explains her feather carving.                         One of Beck Beus' bark houses.
Can you tell which one is the real feather?

        Jane and Eric carving at Dry Creek Farm Days.

     John Greener carving at the Memorial Day Jamboree.

    Doug teaching his bird class at the Jamboree.

2014 Idaho Artistry in Wood pictures


John Greener's Native American Rattle                          Carved box


Totem by Beck Beus                                  Samurai by Eric Owens


Woodburning by Eric Owens                                  Cat by John Greener


Display of entries                                                         Display of entries




Woodburning by Carolyn Greener                      Native American Mask by Carolyn Greener


Sacrificial knife by Doug Rose                                Aquarium by Carolyn Greener


Two Wolves by Gene Fuller                                            Feather carving


Caricature wizard by Doug Rose                              Bridge player by Gene Fuller

Norm and Eric demonstrating at the Western Idaho Fair.

The following pictures  show the club display at ArtZone208, an artists gallery located at the corner of Ustick Road and Cole Road, behind the city library. These are carvings by Doug Rose, Gene Fuller, Beck Beus and Eric Owens. 

COVID-19 Carvings

Grebes were carved by Ted Smith
Trout carvings by Tony Sciascia
Waterfowl and cardinal carved by Doug Rose

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